Here’s our FAQ


What is the difference between Rocket Voice and other providers?

Rocket Voice provides an "all in" pricing structure with out of the world customer service. Other providers give you a basic price and then sneak in additional charges for features you thought were included. Rocket voice provides the most feature for your money.


Can I transfer over my existing business telephone number?

Yes, you can keep your existing business telephone number and still switch to one of Rocket Voice's premier product plans. We make the transition smooth with our Out of This World Customer Service.


What is the cost for Rocket Voice cloud based phone system?

Rocket Voice has three basic plan to fit your companies needs. Please check out our Pricing Page to learn more about our different plans.


Is there an additional set up and activation fee?

There is no additional set up or activation fee with Rocket Voice's service.


What are the options for the devices?

Rocket Voice lets customers decide which phone devices best fits their business environment. Check out Rocket Voice's phone page on the website to learn more about our hardware choices.

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