The changing face of communications technology is bringing with it both opportunities and benefits for businesses and customers alike. At Rocket Voice, as part of our suite of communications solutions for the Houston business community, we offer cloud-based services including our Voice over Internet Protocol telephony or VoIP.

If you’ve never heard of VoIP before, worry not. In the following article, we’ll give you a quick rundown of VoIP’s unique features, and the 5 most important reasons why your business will benefit from implementing this powerful technology.

1. VoIP has lower infrastructure costs when compared with legacy communication systems:
The old and cumbersome “hardwired” telephone networks of a previous age were costly to set-up and maintain. The beauty of VoIP is that it’s a simple plug-in and play technology, saving you the need for specialist engineers and constant running costs.

2. VoIP technology scales easily with your business.
As your company grows and develops, you’ll find you need a more sophisticated telecommunication network to keep up with the pace. Because VoIP routers are centrally managed on just one machine, scaling up is as simple as adding more handsets to your rapidly expanding workforce.

3. Calls just cost less with VoIP.
The costs of local and long-distance telephone calls are drastically reduced with a VoIP system. This means fewer capital costs for you and the freedom of having fewer overhead outputs affecting your bottom line profits.

4. VoIP isn’t just for voice calls.
As a multimedia protocol, VoIP will allow you to run other communication platforms such as video conferencing.

5. VoIP is portable and modular
In most cases, a VoIP network enables you to port your existing team contact numbers into the new Internet-based set-up. And as VoIP isn’t limited by geography, businesses operating over various locations or with remotely stationed workers can utilize the same contact numbers wherever they go.

To discover more about our VoIP and other cloud-based communication applications, please visit us at Rocket Voice today.