With the modern office environment ever changing, it is hard to keep up with the latest in telecommunication technology. Cloud based communication or VoIP is the improved and up to date phone technology that will help your business operate more effectively. VoIP operates over a data connection and there is software that handles in bound calling as well as all the necessary components needed to make the phone system operate.

Are you looking to figure out if you should stay with your original digital phone system or move and upgrade to a custom VoIP system. Here are some of the things to consider when making your decision:

Cost of Hardware

VoIP hardware is more cost effective for any business and a digital phone system hardware is usually more expensive. This is because a digital phone system requires proprietary phone sets, circuit cards, and adjunct applications and the VoIP phone system has the connectivity integrated into the phone and all it needs is to be activated.

Wiring For Your Phone System

The digital phone system requires both data cable and voice cable. While the VoIP phone system only uses the cable that connects a PC to the LAN at the desktop location.

Consumption of Power

The digital phone system uses power from the cable they are connected with while the VoIP phones do need a power source and have to be plugged in.

Internet Bandwidth

A business needs the internet connection to operate the VoIP phones.

VoIP is Easy To Move

If you ever have to move to a new business location, you can easily move your VoIP phone system to your new location. All you have to do is unplug your phone from one location and plug the phone in at the new location. All of your custom setting and configurations will travel with the phone between locations. If you have a digital system, you will need a technician to uninstall at one location and install at the new location.

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